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Upgrade Your Favorite Junk Foods (How to Start Eating Healthy)

Eating healthy does NOT mean you have to cut things out, restrict yourself and eliminate foods. Instead, try adding healthy elements until THAT'S what your body is craving! You'll be surprised how quickly you become accustom to eating healthy foods! And you won't feel like you let yourself down if you "cheat"! Click to learn more about the Crowding Out Method, AND get my top 10 tips for healthy weight loss!

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Jarred Tomatoes "I Pomodori"

It's an annual tradition for so many Italian-American families. You'll see them in driveways and garages, on back patios and front porches; cutting, cooking and jarring tomatoes. The Mollano family in Nanuet New York were kind enough to let us come to their home and share their tradition with us. PLUS watch how you can win a cookbook!

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Buck Burgers

Try something new! I invited Pope & Young Record Holding Hunter Rich Stollery to the Cucina to teach us a bit about hunting and show us his Buck Burger recipe! Seriously, give them a try! 

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