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Mason Jar Salads w/ Chef Kathleen Sanderson

Chef Kathleen Sanderson is my special guest today as she shows us the RIGHT way to pack a salad in a jar! She shares her tips and tricks, like these reusable/washable lids ( )! We make a classic cobb in the video but she shares her overall technique

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Healthy Back to School Lunches

I asked my favorite kiddos to share their favorite school lunch ideas and from there, put together my Top 5 Healthy School Lunch Ideas! Of course you can mix and match here! The idea is to get the kids involved, and to get the good stuff in their bellies! Without driving Mom (or Dad, or Aunt/Uncle, Grandma/Grandpa) nutty! Check out my lunch ideas, then head keep scrolling to see the FULL list of foods each kid shared. And let me know what YOUR kids love in the comments! Let's make this a GREAT resource for parents and caretakers across the board to find ideas and inspiration!

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Upgrade Your Favorite Junk Foods (How to Start Eating Healthy)

Eating healthy does NOT mean you have to cut things out, restrict yourself and eliminate foods. Instead, try adding healthy elements until THAT'S what your body is craving! You'll be surprised how quickly you become accustom to eating healthy foods! And you won't feel like you let yourself down if you "cheat"! Click to learn more about the Crowding Out Method, AND get my top 10 tips for healthy weight loss!

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How To Eat More Greens

Check out this healthy hack to help you eat more greens! The benefits of eating more greens is HUGE! Not only are they a food to lose weight with, they help detoxify and alkalize the body, they help feed healthy gut bacteria, AND are loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to be its best! Get my ideas for green smoothies, egg dishes, grain bowls and more!

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