Upgrade Your Favorite Junk Foods (How to Start Eating Healthy)

People often ask me how to start eating healthy. Where do I begin? What do I cut out? And why do I crave junk foods? All valid questions - with a surprisingly simple answer in my opinion. Don’t get rid of anything. Don’t restrict yourself. And definitely, DEFINITELY, don’t punish yourself because you had a bagel in your morning meeting! Geeze! What I normally recommend to coaching clients is something called the “crowding out method.” What that means is that instead of swearing off “carbs” for 30 days (do you even know what that means!?) just ADD IN, some good stuff. I promise you’ll be AMAZED at how far that takes you! The lack of “guilt” doesn’t hurt either!

So let’s say you love a salty, crunchy plate, loaded with cheese, like nachos. OK, no problem, but let’s add some beans to that, a little fresh cilantro and a few pieces of avocado. Now we’re talking! You can still have the salt/crunchy/cheesey - just get the good stuff in with it!

Or something like a burger - stack it high with LTO! Lettuce, tomato, onions! Honestly, one of my favorite fast food places is In N’ Out Burger out on the west coast for this exact reason. If you ever look at one of their burgers (a regular one) there’s as much veg on there as there is beef or cheese. You should be biting through as much raw plant material as you are medium-rare beef! Want to take it a step further? Add some smashed avocado to your bun instead of mayo or another spread. That works for sandwiches too!

Maybe you’ve had a long-ass week and the pizza in your freezer is calling your name because it requires little to no work. I hear ya! I have those days too! And maybe your kids are picky so you just get plain pizza…how about we throw some quick pepper and onions on there? Too much effort to slice? A handful of spinach works just as well! Still quick and easy, still bread and cheese…just with a little extra “good for you” added in!

Perhaps you’re craving some mac and cheese. Or worse yet, your kids have convinced you to make that boxed crap for dinner cause it’s their favorite. Fine. In your bowl (and maybe theirs) add a few spoonfuls of squash/pumpkin puree. And if it doesn’t bother you to see it, toss a few broccoli florets in there too! Now you’re getting some where.

Whether life just forces you to eat something quick and cheap, or your kids just won’t let you eat healthy, or you’re at the age where you suddenly realize your body is NOT processing those fries the way it used to…these are a few simple ideas to help you start getting those veggies in and upgrade some of your favorite stand bys! Every little bit helps! You can also download the Top 10 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss as my free gift to you here!
Stay well my friends!