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How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice & Whole Grains

See how to cook perfect brown rice, step by step. Along with some of my other favorite whole grains! There's a lot of confusion out there around what is a whole grain, do all carbs have gluten, and how the hell do I cook them? This week's Health Coach Hack is here to answer these questions! Whole grains are just that, a whole grain. They include things like rice, corn, quinoa, millet, farro, kasha, oats and more! Some of them DO have gluten, but not all of them! And they're each loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber, key to human health! Watch the video to see how easy it is to make the perfect pot of brown rice on the stove top. No special equipment needed! Then head to my website to learn more, check out my grains chart AND grab one of my favorite quick and easy rice based recipes!

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Caprese Salad

Fast, fresh and easy - this is how we make Caprese Salad in the Di Falco house! To start, we always do a chopped caprese salad - a bit different from the traditional slices you'll see served in Italy. We also make it a cucumber caprese salad - mostly because, that's how we like it! Finally, I use some balsamic to dress the salad because, let's be honest, I could drink the stuff!

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Roasted Red Peppers

Simple and healthy, it's SO easy to make roasted red peppers at home! And more delicious! Here I show you how to roast them on the stove and explain what to do if you have an electric stove. There's nothing quite like the flavor of roasted red peppers in olive oil!

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Chia Seed Pudding

Watch how easy it is to make chia seed pudding! This simple combination of 3 basic ingredients makes the best chia seed pudding! I make mine with almond milk but you can use whatever milk you use at home! Plus, find out what it is about these little seeds that has them referred to as a super food!

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