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Grammy's Cream Puffs

Watch how to make my Grammy's cream puffs! The perfect dessert for this holiday weekend! Deliciously light and airy puffs, stuffed with traditional custard cream and topped with powdered sugar! The sweetest treat! 

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Learn how to make this traditional Greek dessert as we get ready for both Easter & Greek Easter! Flaky layers of fillo stuffed with nuts and honey make for a delicious treat! This recipe is one my Uncle has used and perfected - Enjoy!

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Nonni's Spinach Torta

We always celebrate the arrival of Spring and especially Easter with this delicious Northern Italian dish, passed on to me from my great-grandmother. The green spinach is meant to represent the new life and new beginnings that spring offers all of us.  We use this dish as a "primo piatto" or "first dish" during our Easter celebration but it's a great starter, side or main throughout this wonderful season.

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