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Nonni's Spinach Torta

We always celebrate the arrival of Spring and especially Easter with this delicious Northern Italian dish, passed on to me from my great-grandmother. The green spinach is meant to represent the new life and new beginnings that spring offers all of us.  We use this dish as a "primo piatto" or "first dish" during our Easter celebration but it's a great starter, side or main throughout this wonderful season.

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Sausage, Bean & Escarole Soup

Italian traditions for New Year's Day involve things like eating lentils and pork (for abundance) to wearing red underwear (for love!)! I've got the pork covered here - but the red underwear is up to you! I hope you enjoy this soup with your loved ones and start this new year with abundance in your kitchen and all who join you there! Happy 2016 Cucina lovers!

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My best friend since the day I was born (literally) is Jewish, and I have always celebrated Hanukkah with her and her family. While the gelt (chocolate coins) was my favorite part growing up, latkes are my favorite tradition as an adult! My mom used to use leftover mashed potatoes to make pancakes when I was a kid, and over time, I learned how to make them with raw potato as well, I hope you enjoy both versions here. 

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