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Pasta Fagioli

The epitome of poor man's food. Pasta & beans. Pasta e fagioli. Or, as it has come to be known here in the North East, pasta fazool (I cringe to write that). Whatever you call it, however you make it - it's an easy, quick and delicious dinner. Perfect for a chilly weeknight! Buon Appetito! 

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Senza's Fagioli e Salsiccia All'uccelletto

Learn from one of the best. Chef Giuseppe Gramaglia shows us how to make a traditional Tuscan dish of sausage and cannellini beans in a light tomato sauce. A perfect cold weather meal. And of course, you can always have him make it for you at Senza Ristorante in Bayville, NJ

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Sausage, Bean & Escarole Soup

Italian traditions for New Year's Day involve things like eating lentils and pork (for abundance) to wearing red underwear (for love!)! I've got the pork covered here - but the red underwear is up to you! I hope you enjoy this soup with your loved ones and start this new year with abundance in your kitchen and all who join you there! Happy 2016 Cucina lovers!

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