In Too Deep

The entire time I’ve been preparing this post I’ve been singing that Sum 41 song from 2001 by the same title! I’m dating myself now.

Anyway - I LOVE this drink from Beth Nydick and Tara Rosciolli’s Clean Cocktails book. There’s nothing better on a crazy hot day than watermelon! Light and refreshing and filled with good for you nutrients to help keep your body healthy in the heat! And when combined with antioxidant loaded mint and some vitamin laden orange!? Wow. Now THAT’S a summer cocktail!

You have two options for the watermelon. You can purchase the prepared juice that Beth uses in the video, or you can simply toss some watermelon into a blender, puree it, then strain it. If you’re planning to make a pitcher of this, or other watermelon based drinks, it’s probably more cost effective to just buy a melon and puree it. But if it’s just you and a few friends, the bottles are great - plus you can just drink the watermelon juice on a hot day for an added boost!

Check out the video and watch me squeal like a little kid when Beth pours out the most beautiful pink cocktail I’ve ever seen in my life! Then try it home. Cheers to Summer!


Clean Cocktails book here

In Too Deep
Serves 2

Recommended Barware:
Rock Glasses

4 oz. silver tequila
4 oz.
watermelon juice
fresh mint leaves
Orange twist

Muddle mint leaves in bottom of shaker. Add watermelon juice, tequila and ice. Shake until your hands are cold.

Prepare glasses with ice, pour mixture over. Garnish with more fresh mint and an orange twist.