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Vegan Shakshuka with Scarlett Rocourt

I invited Vegan Lifestyle Blogger Scarlett Rocourt to the Cucina to show us how to veganize one of my favorite breakfast dishes. Shakshuka, (or for my Italians, Uove in Pergatorio) is a Mediterranean dish that involves poaching eggs in a tomato based sauce. Almost every country around the Mediterranean has their own version of this dish. But Scarlett came up with a GREAT way to create a vegan "egg" to use! 

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Honeyed Ginger Pear Oatmeal

I know you're working hard to stick to that healthy resolution and I'm here to help! Check out this quick, easy and delicious way to make oatmeal for breakfast! Winter spices like ginger and nutmeg go perfectly with sweet pears and honey for an amazing oatmeal topping!

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