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Spinach Ravioli

I can't think of anything more impressive than hand made pasta. It's literally the way to anyone's heart! These ravioli are fun to make with and for family and friends - plus they have the easiest sauce EVER! Thanks again to the staff at Certosa di Pontignano AND Florencetown for showing us this one!

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Mushroom Ravioli in Browned Butter Sage Sauce

I really can't think of more quintessential Fall dish than this one. Earthy mushrooms mixed with fresh ricotta and parmesan cheeses, filling fresh pasta. Topped off in what is quite possibly the easiest sauce you will ever make! 

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Sweet Potato Ravioli

I talk to Chef Corey Heyer about the Bernard's Inn in Bernardsville NJ. The local farm they exclusively source specialty produce from, his philosophy on cooking and the role the Inn plays in NJ dining scene! PLUS you get the recipe for their FAMOUS sweet potato ravioli!

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