Tiramisu...it literally means "pick me up" as in cheer me up...and man does this dish fit the bill! 


The story on this one is really one of circumstance. It was our first night in Italy, exhausted from our flight and first day of touring we had a quiet dinner at our hotel; including the most amazing tiramisu any of us had ever had! So much so, that on our second day, when we had a cooking class - we begged the chef to switch his menu and make it again for us. Thankfully he not only obliged - he shared his recipe with me! 


Yes, there's raw eggs in here. Yes, it's ok. When I questioned him about eating the raw eggs, he asked if America did not pasteurize their eggs! (We do, by the way). That was enough for me to go for it and I have not been sorry! I definitely suggest getting high quality, organic eggs from a local farmer.

The other ingredient that's a bit unique is the cookies they used. Not just used, INSISTED upon by not one, but TWO chefs. Logically, we can't really find them in stores here but Amazon to the rescue! You can buy the cookies we used here.


This dish has always been a family favorite but I've never been able to make it really well, until now. I know I'll be making this dessert for birthdays and special occasions again and again; and it will of course, always remind me of the first Cucina Tour of Italy. I hope you make it in your home, and create a special memory around it as well. 

Buon Appetito

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Serves 16

7 eggs, 3 whole + 4 yolks
1/2 C. sugar
3 C. heavy cream
2 C. mascarpone cheese
package of Pavesini
5-6 shots of expresso, cooled
cocoa powder for dusting

Cream eggs and sugar together until light in color and completely blended.

Add in mascarpone and cream. Beat with an electric mixer until the consistency becomes like whipped cream. This can take a few minutes so don't get discouraged. 

In your serving dish, spread a layer of the custard mixture. Briefly dunk the Pavesini in the espresso and layer them on top of the custard. Then spread another layer of the cream. Continue in this pattern until the dish is full and you've used up all of your ingredients. (I was able to make 2 Pyrex dishes worth from this recipe.)

Dust the top with cocoa powder and set in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, or up to overnight. The tiramisu will last in the refrigerate for a few days (but you will eat it faster than that.)

*Alternate: You can divide the custard into 2 bowls and add cocoa powder to one of them to create a chocolate flavored layer and then alternate them in your dish, or make 2 separate flavors.