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Pastina Soup

If you grew up in an Italian home and so much as sniffled, you were immediately served a warm bowl of pasting soup! Know as "Italian Penicillin" this simple soup is so comforting if you have a cold (or the flu!). Easy to digest, packed with nutrients and a touch of protein from the egg; it's just what the doctor - and Nonnas all over - ordered! Stay well my friends! 

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Italian Grain Bowl

Watch how to make this incredibly easy, healthful winter salad! I use the ancient grain, farro, as the base for this warming bowl! Perfect to pack for lunch at work since the salad can be eaten warm or at room temperature! Great for meal prep too! Stay healthy my friends! 

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Lentil Soup

Happy New Year! A traditional Italian dish for the start of the new year is lentils. Lentils represents coins, or wealth, and are, of course, healthy for you! So this is the perfect dish to help you start the new year off right! Loaded with veggies and fresh flavor, you'll learn how to make this delicious soup right in your own home.

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