Whole30, Day 7

You're technically not supposed to weigh yourself while on this program. Mostly because they want you to see how you feel; how your clothes fit; did a symptom or ailment disappear. I can tell you right now, so far, I feel worse or at best the same, my clothes fit the same and I don't have any nagging ailments so nothing to gauge there. BUT I have (according to my scale) lost just about 1 pound in under a week! 


I think this small success is enough to keep me going and see what happens over the remaining 3 weeks. And to be honest, had I not been weighing myself (and blogging) I might have quit already. Plus, I needed something to update you all with. 


Today was another day of leftovers. I know you all think my family eats gourmet meals everyday but I'm as busy as anyone else. I cook in large batches 1 or 2 days a week and that's what we eat. So there's nothing dramatic to detail food-wise. My plan is to make a pot of butternut squash soup as we head into the weekend.


Whole30, Day 7,  .9 lbs lost

Breakfast: scrambled egg, half an avocado dressed with salt, red pepper and lemon

Snack: apple with almond butter

Lunch: sancocho

Dinner: chicken thighs with brussel sprouts