Whole30, Day 6

I'm proud of myself today. I was able to get plenty of food prepped over the weekend making Monday morning as easy as...well, as easy as a Monday morning could be. Especially one that starts at 1:30am! 

The sancocho made enough that my husband can pack himself a thermos for lunch, and I had a bowl when I got home from work. 

After a nap, I made roast chicken thighs seasoned with cumin, corriander, cardamom, salt and pepper. I pan seared the skin first and then finished them in the oven. As a side we had brussel sprouts (secret admission: I LOVE brussel sprouts! So weird, I know.) roasted with pear, tossed with walnuts and balsamic vinegar. The leftovers from this, plus the soup will get us through my last early morning shift this week (which leaves me just awake enough to not be entirely useless). 

I'm VERY sick of eating meat though. Typically my husband and I eat vegetarian Monday through Friday, but without beans or cheese to use as our proteins, we're left with meat. I couldn't finish my chicken at dinner. My mother would've been so proud though that I chose to fill up on a plate of brussel sprouts! So far I don't see a difference in my waistline, and I actually feel more sluggish than I do on my typical diet. For the sake of experiment though I plan on keeping this up!


Whole30, Day 6  .5lbs lost
Breakfast: scrambled egg, half an avocado seasoned with salt, red pepper and lemon
Lunch: sancocho
Dinner: roast chicken thighs with brussel sprouts