Whole30, Day 8

Literally all I want is a grilled cheese sandwich. Is that too much ask? Apparently it is. I really shouldn't complain though - because it's WORKING. Down a few more ounces!


We've been living off of leftovers all this week so the only thing that changed on the menu was for dinner, instead of brussel sprouts with our chicken thighs, I roasted up some sweet potatoes. 


I'm surprised I don't want dessert more. It might be because I'm so tired by the time I finish cleaning up dinner that the thought of doing anything else is exhausting. I've also killed about a half jar of almond butter in 3 days because fruit with almond butter is becoming my go-to snack...at any time of day! I had it TWICE today! Once mid-morning and again after lunch! Actually, when you drizzle it over sliced banana it has a "dessert-like" feel. 

Banana drizzled with almond butter almost, sorta, feel like dessert!

Banana drizzled with almond butter almost, sorta, feel like dessert!


I've been scouring Pinterest for recipe ideas but I haven't found too much that really sounds appealing. I briefly thought about making sweet potato noodles in a brown butter sage sauce before I remembered that butter isn't allowed. It's definitely a challenge for me as a cook, but sometimes I like that. It forces me to think and be creative. Actually, if you're good at anything...try giving yourself random parameters to work within. You'll force yourself to be creative and learn a little more about your chosen topic. Right now I'm working on some alternate soup recipes and various ways to use squash! Keep checking in, I'll let you know!


Whole30, Day 8 1.4 lbs. lost

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg with 1/2 an avocado dressed in salt, red pepper & lemon

Snack: apple, almond butter

Lunch: Sancocho, banana with almond butter

Dinner: Chicken thighs with roast sweet potato