Lobster Rolls from Langosta Lounge


It was actually a terrible beach day when I drove down to Asbury Park to check out Langosta Lounge and Pop's Garage. But the chill vibe inside made up for it. The restaurant's are related and sit next to one another right on the boardwalk - making for easy access from both the beach AND the street!

This perfect little Jersey Shore spot creates a very relaxed feel. Plenty of places to kick back with a drink and friends or sit and have a meal. And a great view! 

Hanging in the kitchen of Langosta Lounge with Chef Marilyn Schlossbach.

Hanging in the kitchen of Langosta Lounge with Chef Marilyn Schlossbach.

Chef Marilyn Schlossbach was so sweet and welcoming! And excited to share this dish with me and you! Plus she's full of knowledge about local foods and their ability to heal. You'll hear her talk about some of the benefits of onions in the video above. I love how she took a typically New England dish and made it ALL Jersey! Using peppers, onions and herbs she picked up at her local farmer's market! And of course, east coast lobster! That push to buy, use and serve local runs through the menu at Langosta - making it another great Jersey restaurant that's proud to use what's grown in the Garden State. 

Langosta Lounge serves theirs as sliders, but you can make it a full roll! 

Langosta Lounge serves theirs as sliders, but you can make it a full roll! 

Of course where ever you are in the country, you can make this delicious summer time dish by following the recipe below! Chef was kind enough to share with us! Just get the best quality ingredients you can find and it's sure to turn out great! Enjoy!

Langosta Lounge Lobster Rolls
Serves 4

2 - 1 lb. lobsters
Red Pepper, chopped small
Yellow Pepper, chopped small
Red Onion, chopped small (*use local summer onions when available)
bunch Cilantro, chopped fine
bunch (2 ribs) Celery, chopped small
1 tbsp. Cooked Chipotle (canned)
1 to 2 oz. Mayonnaise (Hellman's, homemade, organic or natural preferred)
1 tsp. Old Bay (half for salad, half for boiling lobsters)
Fresh cracked pepper and sea salt - pinch to taste
4 Hawaiian sweet lobster rolls or brioche hot dog rolls
1 oz. Unsalted butter (*add garlic to the butter for some extra flavor)

 Boil the lobsters and prepare as directed below.

Blend the chipotle and mayonnaise in a food processor until creamy. Scrape into bowl and set aside.

Combine the lobster meat, celery, peppers, onions, cilantro, chipotle mayo, salt and pepper, and Old Bay. Toss together.

Split the lobster rolls and smear with butter.

Warm the buttered rolls in the oven until toasted.

Scoop the lobster salad onto Hawaiian rolls and serve!


Ingredients and Preparation for Boiling Lobsters:

Big Pot of Boiling water
Pinch of Old Bay
2 lemons - squeeze the juice and add lemons to the pot

(Tip: Freeze the lobsters for 20 minutes to put the lobsters to sleep.) 

Put the lobsters in the pot of boiling water and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.

Transfer the lobster to a bowl and let cool to room temperature.

Shell the lobsters and chop the meat.