Whole30, Day 26

We are so ready to wrap this thing up right! The fridge is stocked with all sorts of Whole30 approved foods (meat, the fridge is stocked with meat). Actually, it was only over the weekend that my husband noticed I had lost some weight - and all of a sudden he's all about sticking to the diet! He's got 5 days left. But we did good today. And we'll probably have enough left that we'll stay on the plan for a day or two extra, just by chance.


Sancocho for lunch and another roast chicken with salad for dinner. They're still boring, but they're working. Although I was watching my mom cook her own dinner tonight which involved polenta..I leaned so far into the pot I almost burnt my nose! 

Herb roasted chicken and a fresh salad. Simple, but effective.

Herb roasted chicken and a fresh salad. Simple, but effective.


I really do see a number of small changes we can make going forward to help us maintain the results. Swapping almond butter for peanut butter seems the easiest - though almond butter is easily twice the price. I can also keep dairy to a minimum. I'm very slightly lactose intolerant so that would probably benefit me anyway. I'm really hoping to be able to maintain some changes regularly - after all, I worked hard for the results!


Whole30, Day 26 3.8 lbs. lost
Breakfast: Fried egg, 1/2 avocado, salt, red pepper, lemon
Lunch: sancocho
Snack: apple, almond butter
Dinner: roast chicken, salad