Whole30, Day 21

I'm not gonna lie. I feel that this little experiment has mostly been a waste of time and effort. In the home stretch and no really dramatic results. I like to tell myself that's because I was already a pretty healthy eater when I started. 


I had a lot of running around to do today so I had made sure I had plenty of leftovers.  Salmon from the other day for lunch. And pork chops again for dinner. That worked out well because I had to go to a networking event around dinner time so I just had to leave some basic instructions and hubby re-heated his own meal. 


The networking event was a killer though. Designer cocktails and delicious little bites of food - all wrapped in puff pastry. It was a struggle...I left early. Mostly because I was tired (and felt under-dressed for the event - I never know which way to go with those!) and because they were putting dessert out and my sweet tooth was not going to let me win. 


Whole30, Day 21    2 1/4 lbs lost

Breakfast: scrambled egg, 1/2 avocado, salt, red pepper, lemon

Lunch: Seared Salmon with tomatoes & capers

Dinner: cider pork chop with roasted root vegetables