Whole30, Day 20

After my mini trip to the ER yesterday I decided to take it easy today. Thankfully most of our food had been prepped Saturday so I was in good shape. 

I had the last of the leftover soup for lunch. Nothing to do there but re-heat. 

Cider glazed pork chops with roasted root vegetables. 

Cider glazed pork chops with roasted root vegetables. 

Dinner I took my time with, but it was well worth it. Pork chops in an apple cider sauce, with roasted root vegetables. There's nothing I love more in fall than roasted root vegetables. Mostly because they all work out so well. Chop 'em, toss 'em in olive oil, roast 'em for an hour. Delicious. And easy as long as you timed it out right. Tonight I used sweet potato, apple and fennel (or anise, as some call it). I doubled the recipe to make sure I would have enough for tomorrow too. Done and done!


Whole 30, Day 20  1 1/4 lbs lost

Breakfast: scrambled egg, 1/2 avocado, salt, red pepper, lemon

Lunch: Curry Chicken, Pumpkin Soup

Dinner: cider pork chops with roasted root vegetables