Whole30, Day 17

Another morning meeting, another meal out. But I held it together AGAIN today. Breakfast really is the easiest one. Scrambled eggs, potatoes and a side of bacon. Yum! And a happy tummy made for a successful meeting - lots of big things coming down the pipe for the Cucina!

Roast chicken with salad for dinner!

Roast chicken with salad for dinner!


Lunch was another mashed sweet potato as I was just doing some housework. 

Dinner was very good. Roast chicken with salad. I don't know why I haven't been eating more salads...I think because they involve a lot of chopping and since I already do so much I've been avoiding it. I'll tell you though...after a few weeks of very little sugar...that balsamic vinegar was AMAZING. It was SO sweet, the tomatoes tasted like candy. I was surprised, and ecstatic! I really don't think I've ever enjoyed a salad that much. It's so funny how your tastes change when you alter what you eat.


Whole30, Day 17 2 lbs. lost
Breakfast: Scrambled egg, bacon, potatoes
Lunch: mashed sweet potato, apple, almond butter
Dinner: Roast chicken, salad