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Flexi-Veggie Lasagna

Fellow Health Coach Marissa Costonis join me in the Cucina this week! She came up with this AWESOME veggie lasagna recipe that can literally be tailored to WHATEVER you like or have on hand! And it doesn’t take long to put together - we pretty much do it in real time in the video! WHAT!? Yea, definitely all together in under an hour!

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Bourbon Maple'd Rosemary Cocktail

Beth Nydick joins me in the Cucina this week as we make the perfect winter cocktail! Loaded with immunity boosting ingredients, this is what you want to cheers winter with!

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Best Gifts For The Home Cook

My 5 recommendations for holiday gift ideas for the home cook in your life! These are all staples in the Cucina and I think every home cook should have 'em!

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