Pizza On The Grill


Pizza On The Grill
Serves 4-6

1 fresh pizza dough
olive oil
1 jar crushed tomato
fresh basil
salt & pepper
1 package fresh mozzarella


Preheat grill until it is over 400°. 

Stretch your dough to desired size on a floured surface. Don't worry too much about its shape, pizza on the grill is pretty casual. 

Chop the basil and cut the mozzarella. Bring all your ingredients outside to the grill.

Use a non-aerosol spray, or paper towel soaked in olive oil and some tongs, to coat the grill with olive oil. Place the stretched dough on the hot grill. Cook for about 2 minutes. 

Using tongs, flip the dough, it should have bubbles and grill marks and be charred in some spots. 

Top the pizza with some crushed tomato, salt & pepper, fresh basil and finally the mozzarella. Allow to cook 2-4 more minutes until the cheese melts. 

Carefully remove pizza from the grill and cut into wedges. Serve hot.

Buon Appetito!