Often when we think of charity in terms of food we think of soup kitchens or food pantries...the actual donation of food. But it's not too often that we think about donating the skills of being able to cook, or in this case, bake.  When I first heard Michelle Spell talk about Bake-A-Wish I was touched. 

Bake-A-Wish fills several needs for children in and around Rockaway Township where it's located. For starters, they do kids parties, camps and classes - what Michelle calls the "little league of the culinary world." A place where kids who don't necessarily want to play sports or an instrument can still learn, be creative - and let's be honest - get out of the house for an hour!  But Michelle was also inspired by the "wishes" she saw on the Make-A-Wish website.  Children who can't do much, but if they could, it would be to bake. She felt the need to do something for those kids and out of this desire to teach and simultaneously be kind - Bake-A-Wish was born.  While she doesn't like to talk about it - Michelle has provided some services to local families who were in need.  And she hopes in the coming years to have a Bake-A-Wish truck that can travel TO the children that can't necessarily come to her.  

Bake-A-Wish is also going to be starting adult classes for learning and for a night out. And they're expanding their curriculum to older students at the college level.  If you're in the area, check them out!