Restaurant LaTour at Crystal Springs Resort

Elevating the farm to table experience.

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I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chef Anthony Bucco and the staff at LaTour in the past and it is always a pleasure. What I find most fascinating about Restaurant LaTour is its commitment to the land it sits on. From working with local Sussex County farmers for meat, to growing their own herbs and vegetables, to foraging the grounds for edible goods - the place takes on the true meaning of farm to table. They even go so far as to bring appropriate waste BACK to the farmers as animal feed. Completing a cycle that humans have long forgotten in their food chain.

 It takes a special group of chefs and cooks to be able to take ingredients that are seasonal, and found week by week and turn them into a fine dining experience. Think of it like the show Chopped - you’ve got to use whatever shows up in the kitchen. You’ve got to know what it is and how it works into a dish. As a home cook I find that to be an incredible feat. My meals are often planned and specifically shopped for. Turning the tables on me like that would likely cause my head to spin. But the staff at LaTour does it all the time - better yet, they do it well.


If you travel to LaTour for a meal, you should know that it is done in tastings versus a traditional menu. You pick between 5 or 7 courses, and there ARE choices within each course, but Chef Bucco highly recommends letting the kitchen staff pick for you. Calling it the highest compliment you can pay to a chef. 


Crystal Springs also has one of the most amazing wine cellars in the northeast. And if you’re going to go all out, you may want to stay the night as well. Especially if you live out of the area. 


LaTour is the fine dining element at Crystal Springs and it is priced as such. But there are other restaurants within the resort with a menu and price point for everyone. If you’re still planning a summer vacation or weekend away, you may want to look to New Jersey’s mountain region.