Essex Junction

I think what I loved most about Essex Junction was how proud they are to be a part of Bloomfield. The restaurant has great decor and a cool vibe. But when I spoke with one of the owners Jeremy Goldberg; he was just so proud to be giving back to the community he grew up in. And they’re doing it in so many ways. From getting as many local ingredients as they can, to serving up local Jersey beers, to naming house-made cocktails after “Local Legends” and on top of it all - giving money back to the school system. Goldberg grew up in Essex County and is clearly proud to be a Jersey Boy.  

I say it a lot to my friends and family, and I’ll say it to you now - We vote every day in this country with our dollars. Every time you buy something, shop some where or eat at a restaurant - you are supporting that business’ values. From what I learned about Essex Junction - it’s a place I could support. I know I’m getting food or beer, mostly produced in my home state - so that money is going to my neighbors. And even my drink purchase, in part, goes to helping local students. I don’t mind spending my money on those things. 


Essex Junction is open M-F from 11am-10pm, Saturdays 4:30pm-10:30pm, and Sundays 10:30am-10pm, the bar always stays open until 2am.