4 Tips for Prepping Shellfish


Here are my 4 tips for prepping shellfish this holiday season.

1. Fish should never smell fishy. Truly fresh shellfish will have a mild, clean, salty smell - like the beach. It should not have a strong, fishy smell, or it's been hanging out a bit too long.

2. Remove any dead/damaged animals. Any shells that have been crushed, or are cracked and exposing the animal should be disposed of. Shells that don't close when run under cold water should also be tossed. 

3. Scrub the shells. Use a stiff bristled scrubby brush to clean the shells, removing any residual salt, sand and bacteria that may have accumulated on them. 

4. Prep a day in advance. Any time you can get work done ahead of time, you should. Shellfish will hold overnight in the refrigerator so buy and prep them the day before cooking. Store clean fish in a dry bowl.